Cybermen and the Fall of the Tower....


I worked in the Torchwood London office but I was at college in an exam on the day the Tower fell during the Battle of Canary Wharf. [Click here for more Info.]

Okay I really was interning or helping out with some research. It was kind of a work study program for my graduate work that my parents arranged thru a few of their friends. My parents helped me out knowing that I am their boy genius. I do not really relate that well with my fellow students. Most of them do not take me seriously.

I hope beyond hope that Eames is ok. Eames is a Field Officer at the Torchwood Tower. He is listed as missing. That is better than deceased. What if he was “upgraded”? I know that would kill him if he turned against his comrades and country.

I know he was helping people escape. I bet knowing him, he went back in to save more people and to destroy some of those Cybermen. Why does he have to be such a Hero?

I have read an article on the Cybermen written by Doctor Tanizaki not sure if I agree with his point of view. [Click here for article]

Eames didn’t just see me as a Teaboy or an “Anorak”. He treated me with respect and was very friendly. We would chat a lot when we saw each other and had lunch a few times.

His visits to the lab brighten my day, even though I might not have shown it or said anything. He told me to stop being such a traditional proper London schoolboy.

He would joke with me about getting some sun so when he would see me in my kit I would not blind him. One time, he joked even further that he might be knocked out if he ever saw me in my kit. Then he chuckled about it. I do not completely understand that.

He was going to take me to the firing range to help me past the firearm test.

He already show me a few moves to help me out in the Hand to Hand Test. Also he correct me on some of my “James Bond” view of the spy world.

I am going to work my hardest to get on this new Torchwood team that is reforming in London. It will make Mum proud. Also it will be easier for Eames to find me or for me to find him.

- James Richard Phillips III (Jamie)




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