MUFON NYC 2015- The times, they are a changin'.

The woman in the red dress

So there I was. Giving yet another lecture at a MUFON convention, this time in New York City. This city seems to attract a very diverse crowd so I didn’t pay very much attention to her when I first saw her.It wasn’t until she approached me after the lecture and actually pronounced my full name correctly that I was forced to take notice.Yes, this one was far to attractive ,carried herself with to much poise to associate with us “UFO nuts”. Yet here she was, asking questions far to complex to come from the usual layman that come to these things. I guess I answered her questions satisfactorily for she promptly offered me a position in something called Torchwood, back across the pond. The offer came with the promise of answers to questions that have been gnawing at me for years.

So it seems that it’s time for me to move on yet again. Away from the land of sausage, overloaded hot dogs, and pizza so thick it could choke a cow. And onward , to the land of stinky cheese and bad teeth. I do so hope I can find a place that has fresh paneer and a proper curry. At least the local weather there promotes fair skin. Maybe I will finally find myself the alabaster goddess that I have been searching for these many years. Soon see.



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