Shattered Reality

…L’uomo nero e reale? Impossibile! No, no, no, no, no. This server. These files. They are testing me. We used honeypots for our major clients in my last job. This is a trap. This is information planted for those that come snooping. My mother only told me those tales to make me eat meals. But wait. Why did I take this job? The stories of Torchwood are all over the dark web. In my heart I was hoping this is what I would find. Just not that story. If my mother was right about l’uomo nero maybe I should find my rosary. How does it start again, ‘Nel nome del Padre, del Figlio e dello Spirito Santo…’

And what of my peers. Again lo sono un dio tra gli uomini. These ‘recruits’ are considered my equal. They do not appear to have the intellect to even begin comprehending what lies ahead for us. What will become of our team if we were to encounter the chupacabra or venutians. I cannot begin to make up for the failings of so many.

But still this proves there is still much to see and do. I will see what lies beyond our star. I will see that man behind the curtain

Maximilianus Modesto.



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