This is a GREAT first mission...

Here I am, in the middle of taking my Psych exam when the alarm starts blaring like crazy; I’m out of it from the intense trials of the day before so I decide to just go back to my dorm room.

To have the door become a solid slab of metal.

Initiating Personnel Protection Protocol

Of course. Leave it to me, the only American here, to get herself trapped in the dorm rooms by a damned computer. I have no idea what happened out there, and I didn’t even get to complete my exam… which I wouldn’t have done very good on in the first place.

Seriously? You’re going to give an American an essay about how some great empire would rise again?

Well, at least my phone still worked despite the security around this base; I called my sister. She’s doing well, and she got a good laugh out of my heavily edited description of what transpired over the past two days. She fell out of her chair when I told her about how I slapped the guy over his sexist comment, saying that she would expect nothing less from her guileless, tactless older sister. She was always better at talking to people than me anyways.

I miss her.

Cree (Creedyn Riko Amata)



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