Edwald Munf

Comptroller, The Torchwood Institute


“An organization cannot succeed without strict adherence to regulations.”

Edwald Munf was raised to a life of duty and service to the British Empire. His family line served in the British Army as distinguished officers. Munf followed in those footsteps until another path opened up to him. His strict adherence to regulations made him a natural organizer and his taciturn manner served him well in the clandestine organization of The Torchwood Institute.

Edwald Munf is aware of his nickname, Mincing Munf, but chooses to ignore the undignified appellation. Those who utter it in his hearing soon find themselves banished to one of the undesirable outposts.

The Comptroller acts as oversight for all operations, conducts audits both financial and regulatory, and reports directly to the Crown.

Edwald Munf

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