Thank you for your interest in joining the most elite corps in the known universe. The Torchwood recruiting process is one of the toughest of any Service in the world and Agents are selected from the many thousands of hopeful applicants. The process begins as distinguished Agents tour remote villages conducting initial screening tests.

All applicants must meet certain basic standards of education, fitness and health. If successful, they will be given a pass to attend the next stage. Each and every hopeful recruit will give his or her all, be it in heaves, sit ups or maths exams. The criteria are strict, and no weakness goes unnoticed. All who make it through this stage are good enough to be Torchwood Agents, but not all will make it, as the final hurdle still remains.

Joining Torchwood is not all about brawn – brains are fully exercised as well. All candidates must have passed the School Leaving Certificate, equivalent to between GCSE and A-Level standard in the UK.

If successful, the new recruit will be kitted out and flown to Glen of Saint Catherine, Scotland to undergo training at the Torchwood Estate, the original site of the Institute. As new Agents pass out of recruit training, they can be justifiably proud of what they have achieved. Every new Agent joins his or her division knowing just how hard he or she will have to work to live up to the reputation that his or her forefathers have built.