... And Effect: The Aftermath

Cree stared slack-jawed at the group.

“I’m not lying! He was in charge of the Irish mob in Detroit and tried to-”

Jamie sighed tiredly.

Simon just stood off to the side, looking at her with an unreadable expression. The other scientist slowly pushed his glasses up his nose, while Cordelia raised an eyebrow. The brute just looked at the shiny buttons on the nearby coffee pot.

Jack smiled his award-winning smile, which only made Cree’s eye twitch angrily – she still wasn’t happy about the unwanted touch when he stopped her from knocking the box out of the alien’s hands earlier, and she definitely didn’t put it past him to try to get into her pants, “Cree, while that was quite a story, it doesn’t make sense. Why would he be in an Irish mob in Detroit city? What would he gain by being there?”

“I. Don’t. Know.” Cree growled, “All I know is that he was there and I single-handedly shut down whatever operation he had going on, and now he’s got a dangerous personal vendetta against me – one of which almost killed my sister – and now he’s disappeared with some sort of device that might bring about a D-Day of Biblical proportions!”

Jamie chimed in, “Well, you said he looked different the last time you saw him, maybe you’ve mixed him up with–”

No. ” Cree’s voice sliced through the air like the Swiss army knife she carried at her side. “It was him, I know it was, and nothing you say will change my mind.” Cree said with an indigant air, her fists clenched at her sides as she fought not to punch someone or something.

“Well,” Jack walked forward a few steps, his chest puffed out a little and the smile dropped from his face, “As of right now I order you not to go after him or any of his associates if found, you are not to continue this investigation on your own, and you are to let this go.

Cree straightened her back and squared her shoulders, a hard glare on her face.

“Yes sir.”

I make no promises.

Jack narrowed his eyes slightly as if he heard her thoughts, then nodded. “You’re dismissed; after what you’ve been through in the past forty-eight hours I think you deserve a break more than the rest of us.” Cree nodded, turned on her heel, and roughly pushed the door to the debriefing room opened.

Then slammed it shut behind her.

Cree snarled as she threw a punch into the punching bag back at the Torchwood headquarters; her anger hadn’t even dulled in the slightest, and since her sister was still probably sleeping, she took this opportunity to vent some of her energy before talking to her sister… and some time to think.

He’s walking free.

The though sent a chill down Cree’s spine; her sister’s would-be murderer running free – with an apparent girlfriend or something – and untouchable by human standards. It wouldn’t be as bad if Yuzuki was with her but…

She wasn’t.

She was all by herself with some stranger to keep an eye on her, which Cree reluctantly allows since she knew in the back of her mind that Yuzuki would have the stranger watch her anyway behind Cree’s back, so what was the point of arguing with an equally strong-willed woman on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean?

But he’s walking free now.

Cree slammed her gloved fist into the bag, making the bag swing backwards a little more than usual.

I had a chance to end it.

Another punch, the bag flew back a few inches more.

I had a chance to end it and I screwed up.

Punch; the bag was now four inches higher than normal.

Now I’ve put my team in danger.

Thump. Higher still.

Now I’ve put myself in danger.


Now I’ve put my sister in danger.

Her sister was in danger.


My sister is in danger. Because.






The bag went flying off the hook and slammed into the wall, startling Cree out of her tempest of emotions. Gleaming with sweat she heaved and gasped as she felt the anxiety set in; her sister was in danger because she failed to protect her by destroying the one being that had the power to not only find her and kill her, but take her far, far, far away from Cree at any moment that he pleased.

Cree went down on her knees and cradled her head in her arms. The overwhelming feeling of powerlessness and desperation set in like a frenzy; she wanted to say screw this job and head back home to protect her little sister right then and there but she knew she couldn’t. She had an obligation to stay here and do her job, and there was a chance that if she did quit right now she could end up doing the very opposite of what she intended just because she wasn’t there to stop something.

She pulled out her phone and typed a few words then sent the message before putting away in her back pocket.

It’s time she met this mystery protector.

“What do you mean he doesn’t want to talk to me?” Cree asked incredulously as she sat up on her bed.

Just that; he doesn’t want to talk to you. He won’t tell me why, he just won’t. I think he may have mentioned timing or something… I don’t know, he was mumbling something before he disappeared on me. ” Yuzuki paused, “ Is… is everything okay, Cree?

Cree swallowed nervously and closed her eyes, “No.”


How… how bad?


How bad are we talking?

More silence.

Cree fidgeted slightly, fear creeping in again and forcing the nerves in her hands to light up like Christmas trees.


She sighed.

“Remember that Irish mob guy…?”

A sharp intake of breath from Yuzuki.

No… no, don’t tell me he escaped…

“He did." Cree took in a deep breath, "He did, and he got away from me Yu. Yu, I’m so sorry; I tried to get him, I really did b-but my team leader stopped me before I could get to him.” Cree’s voice cracked a little, but she willed it back under control, “Yu… Yu, you need to be careful, okay? This guy… this guy has more resources than we can even imagine. Don’t go anywhere you don’t need to, stay in your room, don’t go out with your friends; hell, I don’t even care if this mystery guy moves in to keep a better eye on you…”

Cree’s voice hitched again as tears threatened to spill. “Just be careful. I’d… I’d go insane if something happened to you because I couldn’t–”

Cree stop. ” Yuzuki’s soothing voice flooded the line, “ Cree, this isn’t your fault okay? You tried, and you were stopped that wasn’t your fault, so don’t blame yourself okay? Look, ” Yuzuki moved around a little, “ I’ll see if Mystery guy can let me stay with him or something until this all passes over, and I’ll… I’ll train with him or something; but Cree you need to focus on what’s happening to you, okay? You can’t help me from the grave, right?

Cree took in a deep breath, “Right.”

So focus on staying alive and doing your job; God has a plan, and you need to trust him okay? He’s separated you and me for a reason, because he knew you could take care of yourself out there and I could take care of myself here, and that you had a much more important role in everything. So, just focus on that and keep me in the loop, okay? Everything’s going to be all right, right?

Cree nodded, “Yeah… yeah, things are gonna be okay. They better be okay; I’ll make them okay.”

Yuzuki cheered a little, “ That’s the Creedyn Riko Amata I know and love. Keep your chin up and your head held high, okay? We share the same genes, so you know it’ll take World War Three to scratch me.

Cree laughed a little, still a little shaky from the uneasiness. “You always know what to say, don’t you?”

It’s a gift.

“It sure is…” the line fell dead for a little bit, only the telltale white noise flowing through the speaker served as a sign of her sister still being on the phone. “Hey…”


“You… you’d tell me if something was wrong, right? Just because I’m an ocean away doesn’t mean I can’t help, you know…”

Yeah, I know. If something was that bad I’d tell you; but I’ll say it again, I can take care of myself. You raised me too well for me not to.

“Pssh, more like the opposite. I got into so many fights and into so much trouble, and our Father is good for nothing – I’m surprised that you turned out the way you did.”

Cree could just imagine her sister shrugging nonchalantly like she always did, “ I figured I would just did the opposite of what you did, and I’d be okay. Not that hard to figure out, you know.

“Okay now, I was bad but I wasn’t that bad.”

Cree, you spent three nights in jail at one point for beating a guy almost to death; the only reason why they let you go was because the guy attacked you first and he was wanted on several drug and murder charges.

“Wha-a-a-atever, the sucka got what he deserved; he shouldn’t have tried to feel me up if he didn’t want to get his face bashed in.”

Yuzuki sighed, “ Always resorting to violence; shoot first, and ask questions later.

“You got it.”

They shared a little laugh, before Cree yawned a little. “ Cree, it must be really late where you are… go to bed. You’ve had a pretty eventful day, so rest up on your next few days off okay? Give me a call sometime tomorrow with some better stuff to talk about, alright?

Cree smiled and chuckled, “Yes ma’am.”

Don’t call me that; I feel old when you do that.

“Because you are old.”

If I’m old, what does that make you? Ancient?

“Nope; it makes me Timeless.

“… For heaven’s sake, you did not just make that horrible joke.

“I did, whatcha gonna do about it?”

I’m gonna adopt your personal policy and smack the crap out of you the next time I see you.

Cree laughed, “As if you could even clip me. The Doc here has a better chance at hitting me than you do, and he sucks worse than the other Asian chick on my team.”

Shut up. ”

“Make me.”

I’m going to as soon as I figure out a way to make your phone electrocute you on my command. ”

“Ha, I’d like to see that one.”

Come back and visit for a bit, and I’ll show you. Never underestimate a Technological Whiz Kid.

That I never do, Yu. ’ Cree thought, ‘ That I never do. ’ “Loves you, I’ll talk to you later.”

Okay, night! Loves you too-o-o-o-o!

The line went dead.

Cree let a deep breath exit her nose as she set her phone aside, leaving it on the Spartan bedside table that was now littered with her personal affects. Crossing her legs under her, she leaned over the edge and plugged the little device in, the phone giving a chirp as it began to absorb needed energy into its power source.

She stretched and groaned when she heard and felt her back pop in a few places, slumping over a little as exhaustion set in; kidnapping aliens, hostile aliens, and more aliens. All on a few hours rest, and one meal no less… a few days relaxation was just what she needed.

And for Captain Jack Harkness to keep his eyes and hands where she could see them.

Cree (Creedyn Riko Amata)



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